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Christopher J. Arthur The Spectre of Capital (forthcoming)
2 April 2022
Chris Arthur
Patrick Murray (Creighton)
Andrew Chitty (Sussex)
Video of presentations


Seventeenth Annual Conference 2021
Marxism and Nationalism
5 June 2021, online
Lea Ypi (LSE) video
Tatiana Llaguno (New School for Social Research)
Adrian Kreutz (Oxford)
Pascal Brixel (Clemson)
Kevin Anderson (UCSB) video


Marx and Engels, The Holy Family
20 February 2021, online

  1. Introduction (Meade McCloughan)
  2. Alienation (Jan Kandiyali)
  3. Speculation (Eric-John Russell)
  4. ‘The Jewish Question’ (Igor Shoikhedbrod)
  5. Materialism (Rebecca Carson)


8th February 2020, University College London Institute of Education

      • Christoph Schuringa (New College of the Humanities)
        Gattungswesen and Universality
      • Andrew Chitty (Sussex)
        Species-Consciousness and Species-Activity (paper)


Sixteenth Annual Conference 2019
The legacy of Georg Lukács
15th June 2019, University College London Institute of Education

      • Michael J. Thompson (William Paterson University)
        Georg Lukács, Critical Social Ontology and the Renewal of Marxian Philosophy
      • Konstantinos Kavoulakos (University of Crete)
        What is Reification in Georg Lukács’s early Marxist Work?
      • Agnes Heller (Eötvös Loránd University)
        Cooments on Lukacs
      • Sebastian Sanchez-Schilling
        Foot or Lukács? The foundation of ethics
      • Eleonora Antonakaki Giannisi
        Contemplative Stance or Blasé Attitude? Simmel as an interlocutor in Lukács’s work on reification
      • Richard Donnelly
        Reconsidering the Blum Theses: Totalitarianism and the
        degeneration of bourgeois culture in Lukács’s revolutionary middle period

Jan Kandiyali (ed.) Reassessing Marx’s Social and Political Philosophy: Freedom, Recognition and Human Flourishing (2018)
19th January 2019

Paul Blackledge, Meade McCloughan, David McLellan
And panel debate with Andrew Chitty, Jan Kandiyali, Sean Sayers


Fifteenth Annual Conference 2018
Capital and capitalism
9th June 2018, University College London Institute of Education

      • Patrick Murray (Creighton)
        Marx’s Concept of Capital and the Illusion of the Economic
      • Elena Louisa Lange (University of Zurich):
        Whose Labour Theory of Value is it anyway? On the Classics, Marx, and the Interpretative Hegemony of Value Form Theory
      • Alfredo Saad Filho (SOAS)
        Reading Capital in the 21st Century
      • Sara Farah (University of Minnesota)
        Political Economy as Theology: Re-examining Marx’s theory of alienation
      • Andres Saenz De Sicilia (University of Roehampton)
        Capital and Capitalism: Production, Reproduction and Subsumption
      • Alexis Ioannides (Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences)
        Method and Critique in Marx’s Capital


Fourteenth Annual Conference 2017
Marx and the concept of labour
24th June 2017, University College London Institute of Education

      • Mike Neary (Lincoln)
        Critical Theory as a Critique of Labour, Featuring Academic Work; or, How do Revolutionary Teachers Teach?
      • Sara Farris (Goldsmiths)
        A Marxist-Feminist Approach to the Theory of the Reserve Army of Labour
      • Anselm Jappe (Sassari)
        Marx and the ‘Two-fold Nature’ of Labour: The ‘Pivot’ of his Critique of Capitalism
      • Alastair Hemmens (Cardiff)
        Labour, a ‘Rational Abstraction’? Robert Kurz’s Substance of Capital and Resolving the Labour Aporia in Marx
      • Sean Winkler (Leuven)
        The Hessen-Grossmann-Lukács Thesis: A Marxist Study of the Emotions in Early Modern Philosophy
      • Michael Lazarus (Monash)
        The Standpoint of Labour and Marx’s Method

Workshop: The Critique of Capital and the Critique of Labour
Led by Werner Bonefeld (York)
25 February 2017, University College London Institute of Education


Thirteenth Annual Conference 2016
Hegel and Marx
Held jointly with the Hegel Society of Great Britain
1-2 September 2016, St Edmund Hall, Oxford

      • Andrew Chitty (Sussex)
        Hegel and Marx on Human Solidarity
      • Eva Bockenheimer (Siegen)
        ‘Hegel and Marx on Family and Gender Relations
      • Frederick Neuhouser (Columbia)
        Hegel and Marx on the Demands of ‘Spiritual Life
      • Rocío Zambrana (Oregon)
        Critique in Hegel and Marx
      • Tim Carter (Sussex)
        Property and Agency in Marx’s Notes on James Mill
      • Igor Shoikhedbrod (Toronto)
        Re-Hegelianising Marx on the Subject of Right
      • David James (Warwick)
        The Abstract Self and State Idealism: Hegel and Marx on the Necessity of the Reign of Terror

Seminar: The Early Marx and Republicanism
11 June 2016, Institute of Philosophy, London

      • Bruno Leipold (Oxford)
        ‘Democracy is the Solved Riddle of All Constitutions’: Marx’s Early Republicanism and his Shift to Socialism, 1843-44 (.mov audio recording)
      • Christopher Brooke (Cambridge)
        Marx’s Early Republicanism: A Reply to Leipold (.mov audio recording)


Twelfth Annnual Conference 2015
Marx and utopia
13 June 2015, University College London Institute of Education
Conference abstracts

      • Lea Ypi (LSE)
        Revolutionary Partisanship
      • David Leopold (Oxford)
        Marx’s Critique of Utopia
      • Gregory Claeys (Royal Holloway)
        Marx, Marxism and Utopia
      • Paul Raekstad (Cambridge)
        Marx’s Realism, Utopianism, and the Role of Vision
      • Owen Holland (Cambridge)
        Utopia and the Suspension of the Political
      • Sina Talachian (Amsterdam)
        Between Universalism and Particularism: The Later Marx’s Conception of Reformism
      • Emily Cousens (Oxford Brookes)
        Marx’s Contribution to Feminist Thought
      • Dimitri Kladiskakis (Sussex)
        Marx and Heidegger: Social Ontology and the Object
      • Chris Ferguson (Sussex)
        Collective Alienation in Marx’s early work

Workshop on Marx’s ‘1857 Introduction’ to the Grundrisse
21 February 2015, London Knowledge Lab
Tom Bunyard (Goldsmiths), Tim Carter (Sussex)
English and German dual text: PDF Word


Eleventh Annual conference
Marx, Reification and Recognition
14 June 2014, Senate House, University of London
Conference abstracts

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Mind Association and the Institute of Philosophy for this conference

Workshop on Karl Marx and Moses Hess on Money
8 February 2014, London Knowledge Lab
Meade McCloughan and Andrew Chitty (Sussex)
Parallel English-German text of Hess’s ‘The Essence of Money’ (1843) (pdf).


Tenth Annual Conference
Marxism and Liberalism
15 June 2013, Institute of Education, University of London
Conference abstracts


Ninth annual conference
Marx and Hegel
2 June 2012, Institute of Education, University of London
Conference abstracts

Symposium on Sean Sayers, Marx and Alienation: Essays on Hegelian Themes (2011)
4 February 2012


Eighth Annual Conference
Marx and Aristotle
4 June 2011, Institute of Education, University of London
Conference abstracts

Workshop on the Notes on James Mill
5 February 2011, The London Knowledge Lab
Andrew Chitty (Sussex) and Martin McIvor
English and German parallel text of the Notes on James Mill


Seventh annual conference
Abstraction, Universality and Money
5 June 2010, Institute of Education, University of London
Conference abstracts

Symposium on Georg Lukács’s ‘Reification and the Consciousness of the Proletariat’
6 February 2010, London Knowledge Lab


Launch of Karl Marx and Contemporary Philosophy
28 November 2009, Historical Materialism conference, Birkbeck College, London

Sixth annual conference
6 June 2009, Institute of Education, University of London
Conference abstracts


Panel at Historical Materialism conference
7 November 2008, SOAS, London

Joe McCarney memorial conference
25 October 2008, London Knowledge Lab

Fifth annual conference
Is there a Marxian Philosophy?
24 May 2008, Institute of Education, University of London


Afternoon seminar
23 February 2007, London Knowledge Lab

Afternoon seminar
13 October 2007, London Knowledge Lab

Fourth annual conference
The Justification of Socialism
19 May 2007, Institute of Education, University of London

Afternoon seminar
17 February 2007, Royal Holloway, London


Panel at Historical Materialism conference
10 December 2006, SOAS, London

Afternoon seminar
21 October 2006, Royal Holloway, London

Third annual conference
27 May 2006, Institute of Education, University of London

      • Bob Cannon (University of East London)
        Capitalism, Fetishism and Modernity
      • Drew Milne (Cambridge)
        Michel Henry’s Marx
      • Mark Neocleous (Brunel)
        The Politics of redemption: Marxism, National Socialism, and the Dead

Afternoon seminar
25 February 2006, Royal Holloway, London


Second annual conference
10 September 2005, Institute of Education, University of London

      • Chris Arthur
        Capital and Logic
      • Patrick Murray (Creighton)
        Value, Money, and Capital in Hegel and Marx
      • Scott Meikle (Gasgow)
        The Composition of Marx’s Reaction to Economic Thought
      • Moishe Postone (Chicago)
        The Subject and Social Theory: Marx and Lukács on Hegel

Afternoon seminar
28 May 2005
London School of Economics

Afternon seminar
5 March 2005, City University, London


Afternoon seminar, ‘Marx and gender’
4 December 2004, London School of Economics

Inaugural conference
29 May 2004, Institute of Education, University of London

    • Andrew Collier (Southampton)
      Marx and Conservatism
      Respondent: David McLellan (Goldsmiths)
    • Martin McIvor (London School of Economics)
      The State of the Understanding: Politics and Epistemology in Marx’s Earliest Writings
      Respondent: Lawrence Wilde (Nottingham Trent)
    • David Harvey (City University of New York)
      Space as a Key Word (with Overhead)
      Respondent: Andrew Chitty (Sussex)