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The Marx and Philosophy Society aims to encourage scholarly engagement with, and creative development of, the philosophical and foundational aspects of Marx’s work. The society welcomes contributions from any philosophical or political position.


The Organising Group of the Marx and Philosophy Society would like to express its dismay at the highly irregular and indefensible approach that senior management at the University of Liverpool has taken in the application of redundancy criteria to staff in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences under ‘Project SHAPE’. We are shocked by senior management’s repeated refusal to accede to requests by UCU members for mediation through ACAS, and the extreme and unnecessarily hostile approach that this reflects. We condemn the shockingly disproportionate and punitive approach that senior management has taken to those who have taken legitimate industrial action short of a strike. We call on senior management at Liverpool to revoke their unfounded and indefensible redundancy threats and to treat all staff members with fairness and respect. See for more information. (July 2021)

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Jan Kandiyali (ed.) Reassessing Marx’s Social and Political Philosophy: Freedom, Recognition, and Human Flourishing. A second collection of papers from Marx and Philosophy Society conferences, following the success of the first collection. Brings together distinguished and up-and-coming scholars to provide a major re-evaluation of historical issues in Marx scholarship and to connect Marx’s ideas with fresh debates in contemporary social and political philosophy. Among the topics discussed are Marx’s relationship to his philosophical predecessors—including Hegel, the young Hegelians, and the utopian socialists—his concept of recognition, his critique of liberalism, and his views on the good life. (20% discount).  See reviews by Tony Smith and Meade McCloughan.

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