Gustavo Racy

Gustavo Racy studied Social Sciences at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo and Philosophy at the Presbyterean University Mackenzie. In 2018 he received a PhD in the Social Sciences from the University of Antwerp. His research expertise revolves around the intersection between historical materialism, visual culture and social anthropology. His PhD thesis focused on the relation between photography, modernity and the city, taking São Paulo and Antwerp as case studies for reflecting upon the role played by visual technologies within epistemic premises brought forth by modernity. He is currently a member of the Visual and Digital Cultures Research Center (ViDi) of the University of Antwerp, and of the Centre for the Analysis of International Conjuncture (NACI), of the Pontifical Catholic University of Antwerp and has consistently published articles on Walter Benjamin and historical materialism, social anthropology, and topics of political philosophy.