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Guidelines for reviewers

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Some recent books for review

  • Mitchell Abidor (ed.)
    The Permanent Guillotine: Writings of the Sans-Culottes
    PM Press, Oakland, CA, 2017. 160pp. $14.95 pb
    ISBN 9781629633886
  • Gregory Albo, Leo Panitch, and Alan Zuege (eds)
    Class, Party and Revolution: A Socialist Register Reader
    Haymarket, Chicago, 2018. 300pp. $24 pb
    ISBN 9781608469192
  • Barbara Carol Allen
    Alexander Shlyapnikov, 1885-1937: Life of an Old Bolshevik
    Haymarket Books, Chicago, 2016. 426pp. $28 pb
    ISBN 9781608465583
  • Kieran Allen
    1916: Ireland's Revolutionary Tradition
    Pluto Press, London, 2016. 232pp. £12.99 pb
    ISBN 9780745336329
  • Ian Angus
    A Redder Shade of Green: Intersections of Science and Socialism
    Monthly Review Press, New York, 2017. 160pp. $22 pb
    ISBN 9781583676448
  • Alain Badiou
    Can Politics Be Thought?
    Duke University Press, Durham NC, 2018. 128pp. £16.99 pb
    ISBN 9781478001669
  • Alain Badiou
    Lacan: Anti-Philosophy 3
    Columbia University Press, New York, 2018. 256pp. $30 / £24 hb
    ISBN 9780231171489
  • Mikhail Aleksandrovich Bakunin and A. W Zurbrügg
    Bakunin: Selected Texts 1868-1875
    Merlin, London, 2016. 310pp. £18.99 pb
    ISBN 9780850367225
  • Seyla Benhabib
    Exile, Statelessness, and Migration
    Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, 2018. 304pp. $24.95 / £20.00 pb
    ISBN 9780691167244
  • Cathy Bergin
    Bitter with the Past but Sweet with the Dream: Communism in the African American Imaginary Representations of the Communist Party, 1940-1952
    Brill, Leiden and Boston, 2015. 232pp. €99,00 / $128.00 hb
    ISBN 9789004263727
  • David Berry, Ruth Kinna, Saku Pinta, and Alex Prichard (eds)
    Libertarian Socialism: Politics in Black and Red
    PM Press, Oakland, CA, 2nd edn, 2017. 368pp. $26.95 pb
    ISBN 9781629633909
  • A. Bogdanov
    The Philosophy of Living Experience: Popular Outlines
    Brill, Leiden and Boston, 2016. 266pp. €126,00 / $163.00 hb
    ISBN 9789004231900
  • Guglielmo Carchedi and Michael Roberts (eds)
    World in Crisis: A Global Analysis of Marx's Law of Profitability
    Haymarket, Chicago, 2018. 350pp. $22.95 pb
    ISBN 9781608461813
  • Paresh Chattopadhyay
    Socialism and Commodity Production: Essay in Marx Revival
    Brill, Leiden, 2018. 300pp. $156 hb
    ISBN 9789004231641
  • François Chesnais
    Finance Capital Today Corporations and Banks in the Lasting Global Slump
    Haymarket, Chicago, 2018. 328pp. £24.99 pb
    ISBN 9781608468270
  • Joseph Choonara
    Reader's Guide to Marx's Capital
    Bookmarks, London, 2017. 160pp. £9.99 pb
    ISBN 9781910885482
  • Phil Cohen
    Archive That, Comrade! Left Legacies and the Counter Culture of Remembrance
    PM Press, Oakland, CA, 2018. 160pp. $19.95 pb
    ISBN 9781629635064
  • Stefan Collini
    Speaking of Universities
    Verso, London and New York, 2017. 296pp. £16.99 hb
    ISBN 9781786631398
  • James Connolly
    James Connolly Reader
    Edited by Shaun Harkin, Haymarket Books, Chicago, 2017. 400pp. £16.99 pb
    ISBN 9781608466467
  • Mark Cowling
    Norman Geras's Political Thought from Marxism to Human Rights: Controversy and Analysis
    Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2018. 220pp. £119.99 hb
    ISBN 9783319740478
  • Philip Cunliffe
    Lenin Lives! Reimagining the Russian Revolution 1917-2017
    Zero books, Charlotte, NC, 2017. £9.99 pb
    ISBN 9781785356971
  • Ewa Czerwinska-Schupp
    Otto Bauer: Thinker and Politician.
    Haymarket Books, Chicago, 2017. 440pp. £24.99 pb
    ISBN 9781608468171
  • Raju J Das
    Marxist Class Theory for a Skeptical World
    Haymarket, Chicago, 2018. 694pp. $50 pb
    ISBN 9781608469291
  • William Davies
    The Limits of Neoliberalism: Authority, Sovereignty and the Logic of Competition
    Sage, Los Angeles and London, Revised edn, 2017. 223pp. £15.99 pb
    ISBN 9781526403520
  • Thomas Docherty
    Literature and Capital
    Bloomsbury Academic, London and New York, 2019. 280pp. £21.99 pb
    ISBN 9781350064638
  • Sevgi Doǧan
    Marx and Hegel on the Dialectic of the Individual and the Social
    Lexington Books, Lanham, MD, 2018. 284pp. $105 / £70 hb
    ISBN 9781498571876
  • Pete Dolack
    Its Not Over: Learning from the Socialist Experiment
    Zero Books, Alresford, Hants, 2016. 992pp. £34.99 pb
    ISBN 9781785350498
  • Raya Dunayevskaya
    Marxs Philosophy of Revolution in Permanence for Our Day: Selected Writings.
    Ed. Franklin Dmitryev, Brill, Leiden and Boston, 2018. 386pp. €132.00 / $158.00 hb
    ISBN 9789004323322
  • Thomas Hylland Eriksen and Elisabeth Schober
    Identity Destabilised: Living in an Overheated World
    Pluto, London, 2016. 272pp. £19.99 pb
    ISBN 9780745399126
  • Frantz Fanon
    Alienation and Freedom
    Bloomsbury, New York and London, 2017. 816pp. £19.99 hb
    ISBN 9781474250214
  • Andrew Feenberg
    Technosystem: The Social Life of Reason
    Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, 2017. 235pp. £25.95 hb
    ISBN 978-0674971783
  • Liz Fekete
    Europe's Fault Lines: Racism and the Rise of the Right
    Verso, London and New York, 2018. 214pp. £14.99 pb
    ISBN 9781784787226
  • Matt Ffytche and Daniel Pick (eds)
    Psychoanalysis in the Age of Totalitarianism
    Routledge, London and New York, 2016. 287pp. £31.99 pb
    ISBN 9781138793897
  • Adam Fishwick and Heather Connolly (eds)
    Austerity and Working-Class Resistance: Survival, Disruption and Creation in Hard Times
    Rowman & Littlefield International, London and New York, 2018. 232pp. £24.99 pb
    ISBN 9781786603531
  • Paul Flewers and John McIlroy (eds)
    1956: John Saville, E P Thompson and the Reasoner
    Merlin Press, London, 2016. 444pp. £20 pb
    ISBN 9780850367263
  • John Bellamy Foster
    Trump in the White House: Tragedy and Farce
    Monthly Review Press, New York, 2017. 144pp. $11 pb
    ISBN 9781583676806
  • James Furner
    Marx on Capitalism: The Interaction-Recognition-Antinomy Thesis
    Brill, Leiden and Boston, 2018. 522pp. €180.00 / $217.00 hb
    ISBN 9789004384804
  • Diego Fusaro
    The Place of Possibility: Towards a New Philosophy of Praxis
    Translated by Steven M Cenci, The Pertinent Press, Oxford, 2017. 242pp. £59 hb
    ISBN 9781912142125
  • Martha Gimenez
    Marx, Women, and Capitalist Social Reproduction: Marxist Feminist Essays
    Brill, Boston, 2018. 400pp. $174.00 hb
    ISBN 9789004278936
  • Henry A Giroux
    America's Addiction to Terrorism
    Monthly Review Press, New York, 2016. 288pp. $20 pb
    ISBN 9781583675700
  • Vasilis Grollios
    Negativity and Democracy: Marxism and the Critical Theory Tradition
    Routledge, New York, 2017. 272pp. £90 hb
    ISBN 9781138886469
  • Simon Hannah
    A Party with Socialists in It: A History of the Labour Left
    Pluto Press, London, 2018. 288pp. £12.99 pb
    ISBN 9780745337470
  • Nigel Harris
    Selected Essays of Nigel Harris: From National Liberation to Globalisation
    Ahmed Shawki, Haymarket, Chicago, 2018. 522pp. £31.99 pb
    ISBN 9781608460106
  • David Harvey
    Marx, Capital, and the Madness of Economic Reason
    Oxford Univ Press, New York, 2017. 240pp. $24.95 hb
    ISBN 9780190691486
  • Owen Hatherley
    The Chaplin Machine: Slapstick, Fordism and the Communist Avant-Garde
    Pluto, London, 2016. 240pp. £16.99 pb
    ISBN 9780745336015
  • Henry Heller
    The French Revolution and Historical Materialism: Selected Essays
    Brill, Leiden and Boston, 2017. 273pp. €115,00 / $133.00 hb
    ISBN 9789004296978
  • Jan Hoff
    Marx Worldwide on the Development of the International Discourse on Marx since 1965
    Haymarket Books, Chicago, 2017. 400pp. £24.99 pb
    ISBN 9781608468324
  • Kōstas Kavoulakos
    Georg Lukács's Philosophy of Praxis: From Neo-Kantianism to Marxism
    Bloomsbury Academic, London, 2018. 264pp. £85 hb
    ISBN 9781474267410
  • Rosine Judith Kelz
    The Non-Sovereign Self, Responsibility, and Otherness: Hannah Arendt, Judith Butler, and Stanley Cavell on Moral Philosophy and Political Agency
    Palgrave Macmillan, London and New York, 2016. 209pp. £70 hb
    ISBN 9781137508966
  • Alexandra Kollontai
    Writings from the Struggle
    Haymarket Books, Chicago, 2018. 348pp. $22 pb
    ISBN 9781608469130
  • Andrea Komlosy
    Work: The Last 1,000 Years
    Verso, London and New York, 2018. 265pp. £16.99 pb
    ISBN 9781786634108
  • Miroslav Krleža
    Harbors Rich in Ships: The Selected Revolutionary Writings of Miroslav Krleza, Radical Luminary of Modern World Literature
    Translated by Željko Cipriš, Monthly Review Press, New York, 2017. 230pp. $29 pb
    ISBN 9781583676486
  • Jeremy Kuzmarov and John Marciano
    The Russians Are Coming, Again: The First Cold War as Tragedy, the Second as Farce
    Monthly Review Press, New York, 2018. 237pp. $19 pb
    ISBN 9781583676943
  • Helen Lackner
    Yemen in Crisis Autocracy,Neo-Liberalism and the Disintegration of a State
    Saqi Books, London, 2017. 384pp. £25 hb
    ISBN 978-0863561931
  • Peter Lamb and Douglas Burnham
    First Marx: A Philosophical Introduction
    Bloomsbury Academic, London, 2018. 240pp. £21.99 pb
    ISBN 9781350029613
  • Lauren Langman and George N Lundskow
    God, Guns, Gold and Glory: American Character and Its Discontents
    Brill, Leiden and Boston, 2016. 358pp. €165,00 / $198.00 hb
    ISBN 9789004328631
  • Costas Lapavitsas
    Marxist Monetary Theory: Collected Papers.
    Haymarket Books, Chicago, 2018. 336pp. £24.99 pb
    ISBN 9781608468300
  • David Lapoujade
    Aberrant Movements: The Philosophy of Gilles Deleuze
    Semiotext(e), South Pasadena, CA, 2017. 376pp. £14.95 pb
    ISBN 9781584351955
  • Andrew Brower Latz
    The Social Philosphy of Gillian Rose
    Cascade Books, Eugene, Oregon, 2018. 232pp. $29 pb
    ISBN 9781532618376
  • Paul Le Blanc
    October Song: Bolshevik Triumph, Communist Tragedy, 1917-1924
    Haymarket, Chicago, 2017. 504pp. $27.95 pb
    ISBN 9781608468485
  • Vladimir Ilʹich Lenin and Slavoj Žižek
    Lenin 2017: Remembering, Repeating, and Working Through
    Verso, London and Brooklyn, NY, 2017. 272pp. £12.99 pb
    ISBN 9781786631886
  • Jacques Lezra
    On the Nature of Marx's Things: Translation as Necrophilology
    Fordham University Press, New York, 2018. 288pp. $28 pb
    ISBN 9780823279432
  • David Mandel
    Democracy, Plan, and Market: Yakov Kronrod's Political Economy of Socialism
    ibidem Verlag, Stuttgart, 2017. 140pp. $30 pb
    ISBN 9783838211084
  • Peter Marshall
    William Godwin: Philosopher, Novelist, Revolutionary
    PM Press, Oakland, CA, 2nd edn, 2017. 544pp. $29.95 pb
    ISBN 9781629633862
  • Brian Massumi
    99 Theses on the Revaluation of Value: A Postcapitalist Manifesto
    University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, 2018. 152pp. $18.95 pb
    ISBN 9781517905873
  • Adam Mayer
    Naija Marxisms: Revolutionary Thought in Nigeria
    Pluto Press, London, 2016. 248pp. £17.99 pb
    ISBN 9780745336572
  • John McDonnell (ed.)
    Economics for the Many
    Verso, London, 2018. 227pp. £12.99 pb
    ISBN 9781788732239
  • Tony McKenna
    The Dictator, the Revolution, the Machine: A Political Account of Joseph Stalin
    Sussex Academic Press, Brighton, 2016. 240pp. £25 pb
    ISBN 9781845198268
  • Scott McLemee and Paul Le Blanc (eds)
    C.L.R. James and Revolutionary Marxism: Selected Writings of C.L.R. James, 1939-1949
    Haymarket, Chicago, 2018. 270pp. £16.99 pb
    ISBN 9781608468645
  • Sandro Mezzadra
    In the Marxian Workshops: Producing Subjects
    Rowman & Littlefield International, Lanham, MD, 2018. 164pp. £24.95 pb
    ISBN 9781786603593
  • George Monbiot
    How Did We Get into This Mess?: Politics, Equality, Nature
    Verso, London, 2017. 352pp. £9.99 pb
    ISBN 9781786630780
  • David Morgan (ed.)
    The Labour Party in Historical Perspective
    Socialist History Society, London, 2018. 110pp. £6 pb
    ISBN 9780993010477
  • Brian Morris
    Kropotkin: The Politics of Community
    PM Press, Oakland, CA, 2018. 320pp. $24.95 pb
    ISBN 9781629635057
  • Bill V Mullin
    W E B Du Bois Revolutionary across the Color Line
    Pluto Press, London, 2016. 176pp. £12.99 pb
    ISBN 9780745335056
  • Marcello Musto
    Another Marx: Early Manuscripts to the International
    Translated by Patrick Camiller, Bloomsbury Academic, London, 2018. 288pp. £24.99 pb
    ISBN 9781474273398
  • Alan Nasser
    Overripe Economy: American Capitalism and the Crisis of Democracy
    Pluto Press, London, 2018. 308pp. $28 pb
    ISBN 9780745337937
  • Ron Nixon
    Selling Apartheid
    Pluto Press, London, 2016. 256pp. £15.99 pb
    ISBN 9780745399140
  • Deirdre O'Neill and Mike Wayne (eds)
    Considering Class: Theory, Culture and the Media in the 21st Century
    Brill, Leiden and Boston, 2018. 320pp. €130.00 / $150.00
    ISBN 9789004319516
  • Luiz Bernardo Pericás
    Caio Prado Júnior: Uma Biografia Política
    Boitempo, São Paulo, 2016. 483pp. R$ 63,00 pb
    ISBN 9788575594483
  • Thomas Piketty
    Chronicles: On Our Troubled Times
    Viking, London, 2016. 192pp. £16.99 pb
    ISBN 9780241234891
  • Frederick Harry Pitts
    Critiquing Capitalism Today: New Ways to Read Marx
    Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2017. 279pp. £89.99 hb
    ISBN 9783319626321
  • Catarina Príncipe and Bhaskar Sunkara (eds)
    Europe in Revolt
    Haymarket Books, Chicago, 2016. 288pp. £11.95 pb
    ISBN 9781608465934
  • Peter Ranis
    Cooperatives Confront Capitalism: Challenging the Neoliberal Economy
    Zed books, London, 2016. 184pp. £18.99 pb
    ISBN 9781783606498
  • Carl Ratner
    Politics of Cooperation and Co-Ops: Forms of Cooperation and Co-Ops, and the Politics That Shape Them
    Nova Science, Hauppauge, NY, 2016. 310pp. $79 pb
    ISBN 9781536101577
  • Juliane Rebentisch
    The Art of Freedom: On the Dialectics of Democratic Existence
    Polity Press, Cambridge and Malden, MA, English edition edn, 2016. 320pp. £18.99 pb
    ISBN 9780745682136
  • William L Remley
    Jean-Paul Sartre's Anarchist Philosophy
    Bloomsbury Academic, London, 2018. 272pp. £85 hb
    ISBN 9781350048249
  • César Rendueles
    Sociophobia: Political Change in the Digital Utopia
    Columbia University Press, New York, 2017. 200pp. £21/$25 pb
    ISBN 9780231175272
  • Ben Reynolds
    The Coming Revolution: Capitalism in the 21st Century
    Zero books, Winchester, 2018. 328pp. £17.99 pb
    ISBN 9781785357091
  • Michael Roberts
    The Long Depression: How It Happened, Why It Happened, and What Happens Next
    Haymarket, Chicago, 2016. 380pp. $19 pb
    ISBN 9781608464685
  • Michael Rosen
    The Author. Towards a Marxist Approach to Authorship
    Michael Rosen, 2018. 404pp. £13.99 pb
    ISBN 9781999923839
  • Alfred Rosmer
    Lenin's Moscow
    Haymarket, Chicago, 3rd edn, 2016. 288pp. $19.95 pb
    ISBN 9781608466153
  • Pavlos Roufos
    Happy Future Is a Thing of the Past: The Greek Crisis and Other Disasters.
    Reaktion Books, London, 2018. 224pp. £14.95 hb
    ISBN 9781780239859
  • Howard Ryan
    Educational Justice: Teaching and Organizing against the Corporate Juggernaut
    Monthly Review Press, New York, 2016. 248pp. $23 pb
    ISBN 9781583676134
  • Hans-Christoph Schmidt am Busch
    Was Wollen Wir, Wenn Wir Arbeiten? Honneth, Hegel Und Die Grundlagen Der Kritik Des Neoliberalismus
    Duncker & Humblot, Berlin, 2017. 88pp. € 19,90
    ISBN 9783428144822
  • Ingo Schmidt (ed.)
    Three Worlds of Social Democracy: A Global View
    Pluto Press, London, 2016. 256pp. £15.99 pb
    ISBN 9780745336084
  • Ingo Schmidt and Carlo Fanelli (eds)
    Reading Capital Today: Marx after 150 Years
    Pluto, London, 2017. 224pp. £18.99 pb
    ISBN 9780745399713
  • Lynne Segal
    Radical Happiness: The Search for Moments of Shared Joy
    Verso Books, London, 2017. 352pp. £16.99 hb
    ISBN 9781786631541
  • Peter Singer
    Marx: A Very Short Introduction
    Oxford University Press, New York and London, 2nd edn, 2018. 152pp. £7.99 pb
    ISBN 9780198821076
  • Luke Sinwell and Siphiwe Mbatha
    The Spirit of Marikana: The Rise of Insurgent Trade Unionism in South Africa
    Pluto Press, London, 2016. 224pp. £19.99 pb
    ISBN 9780745336480
  • Daphne Skillen
    Freedom of Speech in Russia: Politics and Media from Gorbachev to Putin.
    Taylor & Francis, London, 2017. 364pp. £26.99 pb
    ISBN 9781138743267
  • Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor (ed.)
    How We Get Free: Black Feminism and the Combahee River Collective
    Haymarket, Chicago, 2017. 200pp. $18 pb
    ISBN 9781608468553
  • Göran Therborn
    Cities of Power: The Urban, the National, the Popular and the Global
    Verso, London and New York, 2017. 408pp. $35.00 / £20.00 hb
    ISBN 9781784785444
  • Enzo Traverso
    The End of Jewish Modernity
    Pluto, London, 2016. 176pp. £14.99 pb
    ISBN 9780745336664
  • Yanis Varoufakis
    And the Weak Suffer What They Must?
    Bodley Head, London, 2016. 336pp. £16.99 hb
    ISBN 9781847924032
  • Howard Waitzkin and Working Group for Health Beyond Capitalism
    Health Care under the Knife: Moving Beyond Capitalism for Our Health
    Monthly Review Press, New York, 2018. 336pp. $27 pb
    ISBN 9781583676745
  • Richard D Wolff
    Capitalism's Crisis Deepens: Essays on the Global Economic Meltdown 2010-2014
    Haymarket, Chicago, 2016. 223pp. $18.95 pb
    ISBN 9781608465958
  • Jude Woodward
    The Us Vs China: Asia's New Cold War?
    Manchester University Press, Manchester, 2017. 304pp. £22.50 pb
    ISBN 9781784993429
  • Zhun Xu
    From Commune to Capitalism: How China's Peasants Lost Collective Farming and Gained Urban Poverty
    Monthly Review Press, New York, 2018. 154pp. £20 pb
    ISBN 9781583676981
  • Kaveh Yazdani
    India, Modernity and the Great Divergence: Mysore and Gujarat (17th to 19th C.)
    Brill, Leiden and Boston, 2017. 669pp. €205,00 / $246.00 hb
    ISBN 9789004330788
  • James Young
    Union Power: The United Electrical Workers in Erie, Pennsylvania
    Monthly Review Press, New York, 2017. 264pp. $24.95 pb
    ISBN 9781583676172
  • Ren Zavaleta-mercado
    The National-Popular in Bolivia
    Translated by Anne Freeland, Seagull Books, London and Calcutta, 2018. 304pp. $35 hb
    ISBN 9780857423580
  • Slavoj Žižek, Frank Ruda, and Agon Hamza
    Reading Marx
    Polity, Medford, MA, 2018. 170pp. $19.95 pb
    ISBN 9781509521418
Updated 2 December 2018.